Valmas Motors was founded in the middle of 1960s by my father Stavros D. Valmas. Since then he has entered into important collaborations (FIAT, MAZDA) as the official repairer for the Northern Suburbs.

In 2003 me Dimitrios Valmas, took over the company.  I have completed my studies in Economics (bachelor and postgraduate / MBA) from the University of Greenwich in London and mechanical studies for the car. I have also successfully completed the degree for the course of artificial intelligence (AI) & impact on business strategy from the University of MIT / USA.

In 2005 we developed the vertical technical maintenance of JEEP, DODGE, CHRYSLER vehicles. At the same time we expanded in the import & distribution of Jeep spare parts from America and Europe. We also provide full technical coverage for all FIAT, LANCIA & ALFA ROMEO vehicles as well as GROUP FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) vehicles.

Today, having completely renovated our facilities, and constantly investing in our staff, equipment & services that we provide thru ISO 9001:2015, we lead a dynamic company that is always distinguished for the high quality of its services, but also of its satisfied customers nationwide

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